I lost my own head




Photo by my sister
I once lost my head in the bedroom
But it will never recur, I am sure
A decimal point,
A finger to point…
The exit is through the front door.
My tongue used to wag in the kitchen
But now it’s as broad as it’s long,
Geometrical measures
Ain’t what folk treasures
.They prefer one to fall into song.
My heart used to throb in the ballroom
And in the bedroom, as well.
Then one day it broke,
Just at a stroke.
Though now it’s  real hard to tell.
My hands used to tap on the table.
My nerves were on edge with constraint.
I could not control myself
Nor my own mental health
.But I’d have done better to faint.
My knees were expert at knocking
My legs turned to jelly as well..
I fell to the ceiling
My mind began reeling.
If this isn’t heaven, what the hell.
My body has given me problems
But without one we’d never be here.
So enjoy the trembling,
Without dissembling…
Thank God we don’t have to steer

About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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