I found a postcard I had sent myself

I found my HP Stream  upon the shelf
The “Guide to Cumbria” paused in my still hand.
Tidying up does peanuts for the health

It’s an ancient book, yet is my wealth.
The mountains and the moors are my own land
I found  a postcard I had sent myself

If I change the sheets, I   bless myself
A clean  bed is  much better when unplanned
Tidying up  may aid  your mental health


If you do good , do it all  by  stealth
If you sin then do not tell your friends
I found my laptop screaming  uon the shelf

If you need to,   always ask for help
What is often borrowed can’t be lent
Tidying up does  wonders for the health

If you see a  burning bush  then quickly  bend
Then, from the bare mountaintop, descend
I found my books  I lost  upon the shelf
Tidying up can startle  mice and selves


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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