Sins for the single?

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1.Go to bed with married people of either sex. Mortal Sin and immoral probably.Recreational for the hardened sinner.
2.Envy people with partners until you are ill. Probably mortal and killing your spirit.Then die of grief and torment.
3 Tell everyone your late partner’s misdeeds.They will soon drop you.
4.Never pay for coffee when out as you are living on less money.The effect depends on how nice your friends are.If you still have any!
5.Complain about G-d.Say G-d is a woman.They don’t care.
6.Tell the phone company you are sick with grief.Not much of a lie.Who needs a phone?
7.Cancel all the charity donations that your late one paid by DD and spend it on Icecream.Get fat and get diabetes.. then go to Purgatory.
8.Lie in bed dreaming all day.This is not really a sin but it may be a mistake.Since I can’t do this I shall envy anyone who can.Because to be is to do.
9.Connect to your neighbour’s Wi-Fi instead of their wife.Status undecided.
10 Feed all the cats in your street and take them to bed.Is this a sin?
11 Check out if you may be gay.It’s not a sin to wonder.
12.Wonder what you would be doing if you were not alone.Not a great sin but not good for ruminators
13.Start disbelieving in Fate.Then keep going


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