I had paranoia, I used to annoy her

My mother was ever so nice
She fed us on bacon and lice
I had paranoia,
I used to annoy her
By asking for sweet, sugared mice.

My mother was  never insane
Though she did vow to vote for  Remain
I have kind delusions
And utter confusion
I’ve got paranoia again.

My father was ever so wild
He got my dear mother with child
I had crazy notions
About that commotion
Sex is not good without guile.

I am  in need of some people to love
But I am a borderline, guv.
If I fall into a spiral
Of paranoid denial
Just ignore the old man above.

Everyone hears  voices speak,
They say, President Trump is a freak.
It takes one to know one;
My madness will show them
We need to be ruled by the geeks


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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