Better keep it to yourself, I say


If you see things t other people don’t,
Like   eyes  afloat and  fish  flying  quite bare
Better keep it to yourself, I say
For being odd can lead us to despair

If you see blood dripping down the walls
And Jesus getting off his Cross in church
Get your eyes  glued to the book of prayer
Even if your guts begin to lurch.

If God burns  bold in bushes near your State
Direct him with your Sat Nav to the Gate.
Never call him Father, Mother, Mate
Just tell him you are busy  and you’re late

If us women wish no more to mate
Nor bear children, nor  elucidate;
Is there something evil in control
That boils our ova and cremates our  souls?

And if the men are  unemployed and  feeling low
Wish not to marry nor to share their woe
Well, once we had the coal mines deep and dark
And if they saw a golden light they sparked

I won’t tell you of my secrets as it’s night.
But keep a candle  and a wit to bite


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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