By natural grace


Before we change ourselves we must perceive
An evening list of all our self-made scars.
For without seeing we may be deceived.

Do you think that self-attack does good?
Do you believe in such uncivil war?
Perhaps you’ll drown yourself in homemade mud.

Inevitably  we   suffer outer pains
But adding to  them shows how weak we are.
Be stronger and  so try to  be humane

Compare it with the use of a smartphone.
We don’t know how tethered we now are.
Until a special app used makes it known.

Though  joy and love  are not produced by will
There are doors which we should keep well barred
We can limit  self-hate and its bill

Now spirit and its guidance is long gone;
We roam quite blindly where the door’s ajar.
Yet potential wholeness  is here  for  everyone

The diary we keep of self-attack.
Gives new perception; shows  who we  now are
Enlightens us  and guides us through the lack

The  journey may be long and pain occurs
There is a crack   through which new light enters
For change  to  happen we  must see, perceive
Then change  comes, hby natural  grace we’re eased.


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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