As long as I’d accept he was a liar

I  got a card declaring  love entire
For now and for the future, fiction yet.
As long as   I’d accept he was a liar

My heart was touched and so was my desire
I stepped into his outstretched fishing net
I had card declaring love entire.

Oh, how we burned in love’s delicious fire.
On marriage then my heart became quite set
As long as   I’d accept he was a liar

We made love in the fields and in the byre
My peachy face by kisses was beset
He sent a  card declaring love entire.

His car had wheels but never knew a  tyre.
For quicksands  are too soft to navigate
I did accept but wished he’d leave these mires

If he said he loved, he loved me not
If he  burned with hate, his love was hot
I  got a card admitting he’d been wired.
I tapped him and enjoyed his well played lyre.


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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