I won’t forget the tender joy of all we had

I won’t forget the tender  joy of  all we  had
The good need not be lost when lovers part.
You needed space so take it and be glad.

Because I love you, I shall  now be  sad
But I won’t let it stab me in  the heart
I won’t forget the joy of what we had.

With your loving words , I once was clad
Now naked to the winds, I must  depart
If you need space then take it and be glad.

The only constant love is that of God
No Eros is He with his arrowed darts
Do not destroy the joy of all we had.

On these forlorn tracks, I have  once trod
In my mind, I search for  ragged  charts
If you need space then go and speak to God.

I have my maps and now  the leaving starts
With tenderness, farewell my dearest heart.
You are lonesome  in your soul forever sad
If you need space then  be off ,I’ll be glad.


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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