Study Christ

Christians on Good Friday study Christ
The sadomasochistic details emphasised.
They fact that he was Jewish, the surprise.

About the Jews, they’re  killed again by lies.
Their own religion often we deride.
Christians on Good Friday murder twice.

Not to worry, in three days he’ll rise.
The Jews  will suffer as the long years slide
The fact that he was Jewish, the surprise.

What is in their minds, what’s their surmise?
Vengeance is the province of the Lord
The Stations of the Cross opened my eyes.

So I see, two thousand years have flown
I see the  cherubim with their great swords
The fact that our God’s  Jewish, the surprise.

With me, no gentle Joshua does abide.
We’ve all been taken for a  lengthy ride.
Christians on Good Friday wound their Christ
They fact that he’s half  Jewish, oh, surprise!


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