I’ve been reading and thinking about revenge, retaliation and hate.And forgiveness.
If we ruminate over past harm done to us ,we never recover let alone forgive.
So the Christian Liturgy on Good Friday [now altered  to be less offensive by the  Pope.A little late in the day] by constantly reminding us of the allegation that the Jews were responsible for Jesus’s death means we’ve been ruminating for 2,000years on this.And Christians wrote the gospels. a good few years after the events..the true story may be different.
Inany case we were taught it was God’s will that Jesus should die
But should we not in any case forgive?
After  all, the Jewish religiongave uss Jesus too.Should we not thank them for this?
Should we not have gratitude?
Should we wonder at a God who needs his son to die anyway  [it’s a fertility ritual I believe in ancient times?]And now we hate  foreigners and no doubt all Jews except Jesus,Mary, and a few others.Yes, when you mock Jews you mock him.He died as a practising Jew.

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