Fuzzy love is generous, by the way

A fluid gender, I heard someone  remark
Fuzzy logic has degrees of grey.
A fluid gender waiting in the dark?

A change of clothing, perfume, what a lark.
Fuzzy love is generous, by the way
A fluid gender’s nothing to remark

The currents of our energy can spark
Responses from the straight and from the gay
Who can deploy their sexual appetites?

The gap between the genders’s not  so stark
With  identity , we all might play
A fluid gender, who can craft remakes?

Who can say they’re certain they are right?
So many models look un peu distrait
Who has destroyed their total appetite?


The sins of murder, war and bomb parades
Are always with us, cold, sick and, depraved
Changing,fluid,  unworthy of remark
A fluid gender,  enjoyed in the dark.



About Katherine

I like poetry and history, literature and music.
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