I got Joseph nice coats so he’s now gay

I bought Adam some drugs, just one a day!
A dozen pans for Eve’s deduction hob.
Until I had a fantasy  to lay

Once I got  psychotic on E bay,
For tennis racquets and new balls to lob
I bought Esau a Hi Fi yesterday

I had my garden wall struck,  by the way.
To have it fixed Cain planned to charm and rob
Unless it was a fantasy at play

The bricks were once bright red but mourned till  grey.
Like the ones in Lyme upon the Cob
I   got Joseph  nice  coats   so he’s now gay

I have a free range cooker  full of hay
The hob is grand and glistens, glob by glob.
By it is a tin for  prophets  play

Why aye, man, I am Hi and Wi today
What’s that sticking outa yon man’s gob?
I bought  an old man  ale  on Justice day

I  feel  an old cigar  should not be snubbed
I  have  a magic lamp that can’t be rubbed
I bought Moses a   Hi-Fi  with his pay
He had a fit and now he looks like J.


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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