Sensitive souls won’t enter politics

Sensitive  souls don’t enter politics
They’re writers, artists, dreamers, parents, nerds
They would not give  assent to  dirty tricks

A pebble thrown feels like a heavy brick.
They grieve when feral cats catch garden birds.
Sensitive  souls will not like politics

They prefer a   real pen to a Bic
They do  not like to use distasteful words
They cannot give  assent to  dirty tricks

They wonder  whether  “Bricks ” are artistic
But often their bewilderment’s unshared
Sensitive  souls won’t enter politics

They’re resistant to being forced to answers quick
Their pleasure is quite easily  perturbed
They cannot give  assent to  dirty tricks

By news about fierce conflict, they’re disturbed
Feel the guilt  of  Crusades and of Wars
Sensitive  souls won’t enter politics
They cannot give  assent to  dirty tricks


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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