How to write funny poems


1. Read Responsibly: Never seek to copy the work of others. As read your favorite poems, pay attention to what you find funny and humorous. Often you’ll realize that your favorite poems are the ones that display the personality of the poet. The majority of funny poems come from funny people who do not care whether or not their poems are considered funny. In other words, you must find your own unique sense of humor.  Learn to make yourself laugh and the others will follow. Humor is purely a matter of opinion. Read responsibly. Read poetry to entertain yourself but never to get new ideas for your own poems. If you do, your new poetry will be someone’s old poetry. Some of the greatest humorous poets of our day contribute their success to writing their own unique poetry without contaminating their style with that of other writers. That being said, you should still read my poems. 😉

2. Make a List:Most poets suff


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