Small talk updated

Did you like Mrs May’s leather trousers?
Is Theresa May a strong person?
Do you like Trump’s hair?
How did you like the Urgent Care Centre?
Did you break you leg or was it always bent?
What do you think of the new buses.I fell over backwards on one.
Wow, there’s a new bus stop.If only  there were enough buses
Do you listen to music on your phone?I can’t stand up on mine!
Would you  emigrate to the USA?
Do they have Chip Shops over there?
Do you think it’s ok to forcibly pull passengers  off a plane?Only Asians, you say.Have they not suffered enough?
Did you see a new butcher’s shop has opened?
They sell smoked haddock
Were you always a vegetarian?
Have you got a postal vote?
Why not?
Are you tired of politics,elections and referenda?
No,I’,m not showing off I was born a like this.
My mother tried to send  me back but we didn’t have Amazon then otherwise I’d be a book!


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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