More minor modes to make you happy at the bus stop

War-and-Civilization-Screen3 111

Do you think it is worth paying for gift wrap on Amazon?
Do you ever eat meringues?
Are you diabetic?
Do you hear music as you clean your rattling teeth?
What is the difference between “endure” and “accept” and how do you accept?
Do you listen to the radio on your phone while pretending to be listening to a guest and if so, how?
How many watches have you got and why?
Did you know the young don’t use a watch, they look at their phone?
Can you imagine going out without your phone?
Does anyone ever say, to you Have you got the time, please?
Does anyone ever say anything to you outside of your home?
Is Prince Philip retiring because of his age?
Do you ever gossip? Tell me some!
What is gossip, anyway?
Do you think God controls that little green man on street crossings?
Are you selfish?
Do you believe God would create Hitler deliberately?
Do you go to the new church?


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