Why not have a bath?


DSC00078Emile loved the new purple bath that his owner and father Stan had just installed and longed to bathe in it.He indicated as much to Stan but Stan was not convinced.
“It’s rather large, Emile.And you can’t swim.”
So Emile , always adaptable, asked if he could have a bath in a bowl of warm water as a trial run.
Stan got a spare plastic bowl and filled it with warm water and some lavender bath salts. Emile climbed in cautiously.Cats don’t like to get wet usually but Emile was always happy to have a go.He stood in the water which came up to his chest.”Can you lie down?” Stan asked him.
“It’s too deep” Emile replied.So Stan took out some of the water with a jug and Emile lay on his back with his muzzle projecting from the water and his large amber eyes closed.The water began to turn grey.”This is relaxing”Emile miaowed

.”I think therefore I am.”
That’s Descartes.” murmured Stan
.”Fortune favours the brave” miaowed Emile
That’s better” said Stan.”I love Pascal.”
“My goodness thought Emile, this man is woman crazy.Now he wants Pascale as well as Annie and Mary and he’s 98.Will he ever stop?
So to prevent further thought, Emile leapt out of the bowl and onto a large soft towel Stan had put beside it.As Stan dried him Emile purred rapturously.
“Would you like a blow-dry?” Stan inquired humorously.
“Not tonight Stanley, enough is as good as a feast!”
Stan emptied the bowl down the sink.
“My sainted aunt, look at this dirt and to think that cat’s been sleeping with me for 17 years.”
Stan wants to get Emile some swimming lessons.He’ll have to look on google or yahoo to see what’s available.
Meanwhile, he goes downstairs to make supper for Mary and himself.Fried corned beef in batter with suet dumplings and sauteed potatoes followed by apple crumble and clotted cream.Just what the doctor ordered! Stan’s doctor is rather odd.He thinks fat is good for us.


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