I’m stuck outside the glass

The familiar  does not feel quite right to me;
That uncanny state post -holidays.
I cannot click back in
I feel I am no thing
Lonely is the world without your light

I do the things I need to do quite well.
No-one else has noticed, I can tell.
I’m stuck outside the glass
Where the demons gasp
Lonely is the world without your sight.

A feeling hard to transmit by English words
The football players look like circling birds
I feel them dance around
I’m underneath the ground
Lonely is the world I feel at night.

I wonder if I can do this all alone
My heart has never been as hard as stone.
Who will carry me
Across the final sea?
Lonely is the world without your light

If I feel a little better, I feel worse
I feel as if the suffering is a curse.
Yet almost everyone
From Jesus to Marcon
Has suffered but not written it in a verse.

Millions  have been tortured even killed
I wonder what it  means about God’s will?
God seems helpless too
Jesus was a Jew
Lonely is the godless world I feel.


About Kate Thwaite

I love writing , conversation, art, wild flowers, music and air.And books
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