Pieces of my mind

My concentration now exists in many parts.
It’s like  piece of glass dropped on the ground
The mobile phone and laptop make eyes dart

I  long to keep my soul and body calm
Yet pieces of my mind I’ve never  found
My concentration now exists in curious parts.

Like fish who dither when they see a shark
How pitiful they have no way to shout
The mobile phone and laptop make mind dart

What kind of steps will give me a  new start?
I confess to having  more than many doubts
Infinite in its cold is my  lost heart

Net addicts, anonymous and tart,
Have a party inside me or out.
Do you think a cat would do less harm?

Let us map the intellect by charts.
The mind has slipped and has become a tart.
The focus now, post-modern,  fragments sight.
The mobile sounds and   empty laps wield  fright




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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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