Funny memories of his Mam and Dad


My husband was the first child, and only one for many years, of his parents.When we got married they used to come to stay.I think it was my choice of menu  that was a bit of a problem.I was unused to making the more sophisticated type of recipes.We used bought jellies at home and Carnation milk.
But they were very brave.After I made a curry they ate it with no fuss and then said it was the first time they ever ate rice not in a pudding.Then when I  used some Instant Whip to make a dessert, his dad called out:
I’ve never seen a green pudding before.[Maybe it was lime flavoured.]
Then his Mam was like,
Shut up, Ron.Stop passing remarks.
She was always correcting him,
So then he laughed and asked for a cup of tea.No doubt I had the wrong sort!
After that we had to play games as we had no TV or we went for a drive later when we got an old car.Going for a drive was quite popular then as nobody was used to having a car.
My Mam in law could be cruel in obeying social niceties..Before his Dad died we took a week off and drove them all over Dad’s favourite places.On the way back from Richmond he wanted to pee.He was very frail and ill and she told him to wait so I then told my husband to drive to a village with a public convenience. [I have a weak bladder so I knew]
We took him to Whitby but he stayed in the car.I recall it was very misty.I stayed with him while   Mam and my husband went for a walk by  on the beach.That was her favourite thing, walking on the shore whereas Dad preferred the dales and moors.
Now to think I am the only one left.Nobody to eat my cordon bleu apple mousse or beef in ale.I think I’ll be going back to that green pudding.Instant Whip sounds like Fifty Shades of Grey.
In a hurry? Give him/her an Instant Whip…I don’t like that,our Kath.No me neither.
It was a more innocent time though cruelty was common.


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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7 Responses to Funny memories of his Mam and Dad

  1. mikeoxon says:

    A web search revealed that a few people remember ‘Sweetheart’. See

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    • Kate4grace says:

      Thanks for doing that.It’s intriguing.I have been experimenting with a steam mop and it is very good for the floor but a bit too hot for me!Then I put out a blanketto dry and it began raining.Pass the Sweetheart,…….it’s just my cup of non-tea


    • Kate4grace says:

      I saw the pictures of it!Did you eat it while studying for your exams?


  2. mikeoxon says:

    You provide a whole new insight into Instant Whip. No wonder it was succeeded by Angel Delight :).

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    • Kate4grace says:

      It was funny I had never thought of that before tonight.!Yes,I did wonder why they changed the name!Can one still get such things?Now we have all these yogurts etc we don’t need them except for emergencies.Run and get me an Instant Whip,I’ve eaten all the puddings.:)


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