Did he feel his freedom was well worth 2

I read  fine books on poetry by Plath
Her genius arrived clearly, what a force….
An edgy woman emitting sharp, bright wrath

An immigrant, her German roots surpassed
Two languages  entwined, a unique voice
I read  the wanton works of Sylvia Plath

She early found her voice, direct of path
But fate was inconsistent with her choice.
Mercurial, she  troubled love with wrath

Her suicide predictable as maths;
Her suffering and her German soul  flew loose
I voiced the books of poetry by Plath

Her problem was in finding a true man
She had more faith from Ariel her horse
This vital woman, torment gave at last

Did  he feel his freedom was well worth
Hearing the electric blackbird’s  curse?
I read the brave, mad poetry of Plath
Imperious, what  vocabulary, what mass!


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