The Forest Door 2



The kitchen floor was cleaner than before
The Iron Age Curtain , wall without a door.
The steam, the heat intense, un-layers.

The unconscious mind is timeless, is prepared.
How do we discover what it’s stored?
Is Britain sacred,classier than before?

All work is done by people, not by prayer.
Each nightmare spins an image from the store
The streaming media  sacrifice more players

Beforethe vote, there comes  unthought despair
To make some sense of all our hard-won lore
The government  grows stupider, devours

Men advise me not to say I’m fey
Others find  the News, continuous, bores
The steaming rage  has taken off their layers

We’d like  our politicians to endure
The economic game plan and its cure.
The  forest floor is darker than before
Woodlands wild, creative have no door


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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