The menu for today



1.Avocado cares with free lemon juice  9/6 each
Melon and ape salad with free dressing [ elastoplast] 7/6
Marmite jelly on toes  3/6
Mock curtain  jelly 8/6
Hot carrot spook and bed roll 11/6 [no sleeping bugs]


2,  All £2 10 shillings and 5 pence

Lamp chops with risque chips and Brussels
Vegetarian Roast Leaf and frozen Yorks pudding.
Potato pie and  cucumber ballad
Chicken Flies with Curried Wings and Lice

3. Free:  Just desserts

Jellied blackberries and short head with stream
Plane Yoghurt and Scream
Whose Berry Fools with Lemon Noose.
Cheese and Friskies.
Celery stalks and green water cries.For vegetarians
Chocolate Mice [ real mice if the trap works]
Poison Pie with bastard




About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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