Silence has its melodies within

Silence has its melodies within
Subtle like an aromatic spice.
Underneath the violence and the  din

When entertaining, silence is a sin.
Surely making dinner is fair price
Let guests release the thoughts they’ve kept within

I cooked fresh food,  used nothing  much pre-tinned
Then I had to entertain them with my life
Wrapping up the  cracked  plates with the  sin

There they sat, my food upon their chins.
Gazing full of greed, those content thieves.
Stupor has more melodies within

Women then as cruel as  gentlemen
Underground, divorce grew, wild, aggrieved
Companionable with violence, drunk on gin

Some went crazy, some became bereaved
Lost, their lives, their work, their dreams
Silence has its melodies within
We prefer the violence  and the din


About Katherine

I like poetry and history, literature and music.
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