Think again


ShowImageWe see that the government is withholding NHS performance data until after the Election.I wonder why that is? Could it be that it is not very good?
One reason why there are more people in A  &E  is the following
A cardiologist who diagnosed my husband’s severe problems wished to admit him into hospital  then.At one time he could have done the referral himself.However, he told me he could only do it nowadays by sending us to A & E.After previous experiences I absolutely refused and brought him home.[He was finally admitted  in  ” an end of life situation”  late one evening and died the next afternoon]

So do you want Tories making more “savings” like this?
Are you willing to pay a bit more tax if you earn over £80,000 per annum?
Do you believe you will live forever and never have a serious accident or fatal illness?
Think again


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