My big toe’s red,I feel a piercing ache

What’s wrong with you?
They think that I’ve got  gout
My big toe’s red,
I feel a piercing ache
Oh, I’ve got Parkinson’s .I feel depressed.
The doctor never sees me when undressed.
Him or you?Be careful with your speech
Are you trained  to join the word police?
No, I’ve got  swollen kidneys on my back
I brought some paper;I will draw more graphs.
Do you feel the gout is getting worse?
No , it’s menstruation, women’s curse.
You should let your mind go blank like verse.
My advice is,  care and never curse
But what about this blood on my big toe?
That is not where menstrual blood should flow.
I know that but maybe as it’s low
The blood sinks down and emigrates like snow.
Pardon me for parking on your blog
I need a place to  come to with this dog
This is Urgent Care we don’t do pets
Are you telling me you have no vets?
That is right, we  only take Great Brits
By the way,  a wondrous pair of tits.
I think they’re blue but I am not quite sure
Take your top off, let me see your flower.
This is not the place for  casual sex
I’m serious.I’d love to  bite your neck
But that is like Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath
We must not go down that terror path
And if you’re really ill , you have no power.
I rent some from the station by the hour!
So to function in that way.  you’ve just been wired
I’m the  manager.Get out, you are fired
Can patients now be fired like men from work?
No, more like bombs that go off when I smirk
Well,I guess it keeps the patients down
Tell the management that Labour frowns
What’s this, more patients coming to be healed
OMG, it’s Donald Trump on wheels.
Is he disabled by some rare disease?
Maybe the Israelis  asked him to say please
No, he has not seen Bibi as yet
Thank the Lord, he looks like one beset
He’s with the Saudis, where will he abide?
I am mental, please tell me no lies.
They say he likes to sleep in his own bed
Don’t we all,?I’ll build one in my head
I wonder what he’ll say to Pope Francis?
I am gonna take mankind down this abyss
And I’m gonna test my great big nuclear bum
When I shout go, I want you all to come!
I’m feeling worse, I wish that I were home.
Urgent Care has turned my mind , I groan.




About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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