About poetic licence and Defoe.


 Come live with me and be my sweetheart now
I’ll share my only bed with you and how!
If you let me love you
I’ll darn your old wool  gloves 4 you
If you come and meet me brow to brow.

Come live with me ‘n teach me all you know
I’ll mend your vacuum cleaner,
Learn expressions meaner..
How cheerfully the hours to come will go,

Come live with me and be my lover true
Without one,whatever  shall we  do?
I’ll mend all England’s railways
Wreck the works on weekdays
Come live with me and I will sweep your flue.

Come live with me in Norway on a fjord
I’ll use  my Canon PowerShot   if I 'm bored
I’ll watch the flowers growing
And see the waters flowing
How happy Wittgenstein’d be if he’d knowed

About Kate Thwaite

I love writing , conversation, art, wild flowers, music and air.And books
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