Like a leg that has no mate and feels like lead

I  dislike  an image of an arm or  head
Cut off and separate from the holy whole
Nor a  leg that has no mate inside the bed

I like to see us as complete instead
Then I want to viscerally feel the soul
I  dislike a cut off arm, big toe or  head

Symbolically, without my dead,
I confess I feel confused about my role
Like a  leg that has no mate  and feels like lead

But what is it that makes a whole when we’re in bed?
Two human beings bodily enthralled?
I  dislike to see a  man without a head

Could we sleep with cats and rout the dread?
I don’t like seeing parts when they play roles
Like a  leg that has no mate nor even peg

I hate to see a  frog inside a bowl
I can’t eat fish, their eyes look so appalled.
I  dislike  the  image of a  cut off  head
And  a  leg that has no mate but hops instead


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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