Across the suburbs, blossom overblown

A day of travelling to the Testing Zone
The path lab always full of blood and pee
You must not take some others, take your own

Across the suburbs, blossom overblown
Pacifies the pavement, road and me
A day of travelling to the Testing Zone

Undress, bin bag  your clothes,you’re not at home
After scanning, you are clothed anew
You must not steal from others, wear your own

I hear a ghost, as if my loved one groans
Away, you thoughts, I am already blue
After travelling back to my own home

I wish I were an animal alone
Not subject to a doctor’s point of view
You must not ail like others, ail and moan

I wish I were the Queen upon my throne
Or in a bed with Leonard Cohen’s blues
He lived  and he  composed in Testing Zones

I guess it’s either X rays or gurus
We’re grateful that our parts are now un -lewd
A day of travelling to the Testing Zone
I must not hurt the others,a moron


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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