Why were death and suffering a virtue?

Why was cruel torment thought virtue,
Imitating Christ, re-crucified?
Did these holy virgins leave a clue?

Some pierced their own bodies, blood was due
Did that lead to later genocides?
Why was sadomasochism virtue?

I refuse to stand to see that view
But ignorant of the past, I can’t deride
Did the holy bothered have a clue?

Hurting our own bodies, sexual clue
Did they all unknowing, gratify?
Was such sexual torment overblown?

Heretics were burned, their souls were soot
Burnt offerings,  yet again a sacrifice
Such thoughts the Nazis had, they killed the Jews.

Attention seeking Christians deified.
What being is a God thus satisfied?
Why were death and suffering a virtue?
The holiness of sexual love was never known.


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