Flying away, I’ll never come home.

Dark in the morning,the windows are grey.
Dark in my heart,where nothing can stay.
Dark in the evening, dark in the night.
Only  the cat’s eyes to give me some light.


Knocked off the glove box down in  the hall
Knocked over the bin,found nothing at all.
Knocked down  your photograph, stood on the glass.
Like me, he’s  just reached the last impasse.


Waiting for what,nas we sit here alone?
Waiting for nobody,heart like a stone.
Waiting  on God sounds rather strange.
Let’s say that grace can’t be pre-arranged.


Dark again,dark, where you fell into earth.
Darker and darker,  a saturnine curse
Darkness  around me, darkness inside.
Washed  it all up on the evening tide.



Goodbye our future, fiction in fact.
Goodbye,did you say it with your special tact?
Goodbye,you never said it, you never addressed
The one who  was with you,but never caressed.


Is it impossible to run it again?
Is it a fancy that  can but remain?
Life’s just a film and we are the stars…
But when the reel stops,we fall so far.


Flying away, I saw the hand stuck,
Turning the reel to make this world work.
Flying away, I’ll never come home.
Turning and turning forever alone.


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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