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2 Reasons to learn algebra

It has lots of xxxxxx in it

It helps to pass the time

6 Reasons to spend more time naked

It saves buying clothes
It saves washing clothes.
It stops people calling.
You can discover the extent of the law by trial and terror
You can make notes on your arms.
You can  practise life drawing all day on your own body or your room mate’s

Reasons to write poetry

God writes poetry [See the Book of Job]
Poems are shorter than novels
You can understand it better if you write it
You can  be surprised by your own mind
You don’t need to dream at night!
You can revere the great poets more.

6 Reasons to learn to cook

Cheaper than ready meals
It tastes better usually!
Cooking like knitting can be relaxing if you are not time pressed
You can invite a friend to share a meal.
You can eat more unusual foods after studying cookery books
You can show off by making meringues and   Russian cheesecakes


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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