Their assessment of our hearts endures.

The fear of judgment makes life harsh with pain.
The eyes that spy, the words we spoke in vain.
When we age we have a wider  view
We’re not so strange nor so very new.

The dream of being back at school once more.
Where  teachers power extends most to that door
We’re imprisoned to make  a  safe  society;
Creation from the young makes jeopardy.

We protect ourselves from children’s  open minds
It’s we who’re frightened and we make the bind.
It is the eyes, the thoughts, the innocence we fear.
Their assessment of our hearts endures.

And they are frightened by the Judge we haul
To destroy or mould the newness of their calls.
Till ,in a mirrored palace, we display
The heads of those who wished to change our ways.

Children need protection from the strong
But we, too, need protection from their songs


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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