Stay thy Brexit tweets for shame,

And Wilt thou Leave me Thus?

And wilt thou believe we’re cursed
Stay thy Brexit tweets for shame,
To give  the electors  blame
For all those  stifled groans;
And tilt thou our scales so thus?
Say Europe, oh,goodbye
And wilt thou believe we are missed,
That the French   we flee now sing
In stealth and woe tis wrong
And is  Magna Carta flung
So to deceive all thus?
Say, why was it done by us?
And will we leave the Fuss
That hath given humans bad hearts
Never  thought we’d  depart,
Neither a gain nor smart;
And wilt thou leave Europe thus?
Say nay, say nay!
And will we leave Europa thus
And have no more pity
On the countries that loved us?
What chops, what cruelty!
And wilt we leave all Europe thus?
Stay, oh stay ,
Ok, beggar off

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