When red sun drops and the black night rolls in

When red sun  drops and  cooling night  rolls in
Darkness masks both danger and our vision
Ancient minds fear   day won’t come again
Courage for the  delicate   seems thin
As we  wrestle  with  our indecision
When  sun  drops and  darkest night  rolls in
But now, new stricken by   a dread of sin
Who shall argue with the soul’s  derision?
The  ancient mind fears   day won’t come again
Yet when  we sleep we’re entertained within
Deft dreams will  squander all  illusion
When red sun  drops and a  black night  rolls in
In reverie, we’re loved  and  so  open
Then  fancy turns to full communion
While ancient minds fear   day won’t come again
And so  it was that our own life began
When sperm leaped up in proud confusion.
When  deep sun  dropped and  black  night  rolled in
Then  ancient  hearts cried  “Day  shall come again”

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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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