As if she will ever buy new clothes!

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Old sketch by me
As the start of the academic year approached, Dr. Rosa Benchez realised she was very behind with her wonderful list of plans.She intended to buy a new wardrobe and studied various treatises such as
Plan your perfect capsule for all possible occasions”
On the face of it, judging by the people in the shopping centre and the doctor’s waiting room most of Britain had already done that.
Skin tight short legged jeans from Tesco’s or Artigiano combined with varied T-shirts, sweatshirts or pyjama jackets, all worn with trainers and old knackered socks seemed to be thought ideal for almost every part of life.
In fact, some young women wore what looked like tights with no skirt on top as if to assert the rights of the vulva to be acknowledged wherever it might be, except in bed.
However, in some workplaces, people were expected to look slightly better dressed or  more creatively dressed if they worked for Advertising Agencies
Rosa had  won some money on the lottery and decided to spend it on  her clothes/
Here, look at this she said to Annie, once the mistress of Stan her neighbour, but now working for MI 7 training spies
What is it? Annie muttered nastily
It’s a blog about building a capsule wardrobe
Why can’t you decide for yourself, Annie asked cheekily?
I have never bought new clothes before except underwear. skinI am unsure about it
Thank the Lord for that!Second-hand underwear!More hot hand underwear would suit me.
I think that is blasphemy, Rosa told her boldly.
Don’t be ridiculous.Surely G-d must have a sense of humour, Annie cried
But what exactly is a sense of humour? I could laugh out loud seeing Trump shoving other politicians out of his way, but it’s a mournful kind of laughter, Rosa admitted.
Well, would G-d make jokes, Annie asked mutinously?
He made Donald Trump, Rosa teased her amiably
I  am sure DT would be ok if he were in a  different job.Quite what I cannot imagine.Selling rubbish to fools? Rosa mumbled.
Anyway, we have wandered off the path of righteousness.What clothes shall I buy?
How about five cashmere sweaters and five cashmere skirts and five pairs of beautiful flat shoes?
Then two pairs of skin-tight blue jeans and four skin tight T-shirts with logos or slogans on the front, like

Donkeys  bray with Theresa May
Hey, let’s pray for Madam May
Jeremy Corbyn, I  find he’s calming
I am a socialist.I  like to be kissed
B B Netanyahu, what on earth’s he gonna do?
Saudi Arabia, I’ll take euthanasia
The Sinai dessert makes women flirt
Palestinian olive oil  makes my onions boil
Cross over the Jordan, what is your poison?
Vote  for the Lib Dems, I’m a gentle old man
Bless me, Father.I have sinned, rather.
It is 10 minutes since my last Confession
Where is the nearest Catholic church? Thank you
I suffer from scruples, where are the loopholes?
I  ruminate daily, I’m the most perfect failure
We’re all here for a reason.Logic is treason
Theresa May but she will pay.
Theresa Might see the Light… do not wait for it will affright
If you are willing, I’d like a new filling
My dentist is a good.She pays me for my blood.
Free self-esteem now
I am a here now

I think we’d better have a nice cup of tea now , Rosa shouted.I’ll get my clothes in the Oxfam Shop
Emile purred as he liked Charity Shops where the staff were so kind to animals.Wy there where such shops devoting their entire profits to helping homeless cats.Who could ask for more?
And you’ll need a coat, cried Annie.And a mac! I’ll take you shopping.





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