Try to see it my way



For six years as a student I wore just the one winter skirt. which I shortened each autumn [being unable to buy a mini..] Then I graduated and bought a  top.My tutor didn’t recognise me after that.He was a man, of course.
Eventually, I began to use Tampax for convenience.My mother said, The Bishop doesn’t approve.
I said, you told the Bishop? That was very rude.My privacy was violated not by the tampon but by  the Church
I thought only Jesus saw us in the bathroom until we menstruated.Then nobody saw us.
I decided to lapse as Catholics are just trembling on the edge of being psychotic, paranoid maniacs.
The first time you lapse it seems frightening.But not as a bad as Hell.After that, you can lapse a lot and it seems normal.It probably is normal statistically.I tried to lapse from teaching but my husband kept asking for detention.I had to give him lines.Also, money, clothes, pay the mortgage and have at least six miscarriages.Then we got married.The rest is silence.It’s wrong to gossip about your husband.Or anyone really but what else can I do? Have another miscarriage of twins? Try to see it my way.No, don’t risk it.It’s  like Scott of the Antarctic.
The Word stuttered as it was being made Flesh so L.Cohen said.What a mind.What a face!


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