Weapons of Serious Destruction: the Underwired Bra Mania Concerto

Splash 2

Compulsive Flirting Disorder Symphony
Theresa May Losing Certain Election Imitation Syndrome for Triangle and Drum
Underflirting  and/or under talking Syndrome  Quarte for piano and oboe
Underwired Bra Accident Disorder a new play by Miguel Strain
Shapewear  Excessive Itch  Disorder: latest writings of the nouveau cliches
Side Zip Trouser Stress Incontinence and its effect on schizophrenic cats
Lack of Public Conveniences Obsessive Anxiety Syndrome set to be played on  a harp
Side Zip  Trouser Lumbago Dances
Fear of Wearing Skirts Syndrome:Ballet Trouseau
Fear of Knicker Elastic Phobia and Rondeau in G minor
Fear of Wire coming out of Bra in Public : Concerto for three wire strung violas and  gutted cello by Lady Katepotatos Ph.D [Clotsford and Anchorage]



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