Wits of stone

Photo0335 2
By Kate
L.Wittgenstein- Hell, wits of stone?
Bertrand Russell- Hairbands Rustle >Women tussle
A N Whitehead- Uninvited; And was blighted.
Principia Mathematica—Pin chips here,  alphabetically.Computer spam-king
Kurt Godel–Clot burbles.Hurt hurdles;Flirt Girdles
David Hilbert- Raves of Hell -Flirt
Isaac Newton-Raise the Roofing.Fry Zack Croutons
Leibniz- Fried nits.Delight Fritz
Hooke’s Laws of Motion–Book calls for Emotion
Archimedes-Ark of freebies.Hark! He needs Ease
Edward Elgar -Led towards Hell Far
Queen Victoria- Keen to pore over me.
Benjamin Disraeli—-  Send men to Australia. Clench them in Fizz, really
Bedlam disables you.
Clement Attlee-Repent after me.Lemons at sea.Pennants can Wee.
Winston Churchill—Won some Birch Bill.
Stephen Hawkings- see any parking? Raving hawk kills.


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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