Who will lead us from the wilderness?

3267Well, like I said,it’s a strange world when people in Borough Market get murdered by terrorists on a Saturday night.And London Bridges might fall down.
A young Canadian woman is knifed and dies in her boyfriend’s arms on London Bridge.Can you believe this?On Saturday night.Two days ago,
Meanwhile, Theresa May is reminded how she cut police numbers while Home Secretary.She’ll give women a bad name re arithmetic.She thought 6,000 was more than 8,000.Oh, my! And she went to Oxford.
I discovered that students at Oxford doing PPE could do no maths at all.If they did any it was just a bit of algebra.I know because I taught some of them.Whereas at a Poly later the students doing Social Sciences did Logic, History of Maths, Calculus and Statistics and Philosophy of Science.Even the ones planning to specialize in Social Work.
If you study the history, it makes it much easier to learn the maths itself.After all, like language, maths was invented by people who never went to University.There were none!
The construction of the  Temple of Solomon needed good approximations to the number pi .That was about 2,500 years ago [I’m too tired to check]
I confess I feel numbed by these killings.And society only works if all the people accept the social contract.
.We are already falling apart over leaving the EU.People fighting and quarreling.Not that that is new-Cain and Abel were not so unusual.
I wonder if men get bored if they can’t fight.Boredom can be dangerous if there is no meaningful choice of jobs or training for the young especially men.Women have children instead when they are quite young.Sometimes they go on and learn or  train after that.
I can’t feel anything.I am numb.Is this England?


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