Intent with purpose,scarcely is life real

Intent with purpose,  we  don’t see life whole
We see the figure but ignore its ground
We have one thought, to reach our  chosen goal

This way of life destroys  our life and soul
So shadows, shades penumbra lie unfound
Intent with purpose,  we don’t see life whole.

Outside our  mind,  our thoughts like brothers brawl
Leading  to conclusions violent, unsound
We  only wish to reach our  chosen goal

Yet beauty, love and wisdom come to call
We ignore  the universe unbound
Intent with purpose,  we don’t see life whole.

Moreover, sudden danger may befall.
We need the owl’s view, broad and narrowed down
We   wish  for nothing but our  chosen goal

The hawk too sees both focussed and in whole
To be intense but loose brings us the wedding gown
Intent with purpose,  we see not those who maul


We see not the bridegroom as we drown
In disconnected fragments lose our crowns
Intent with purpose,   scarcely is life real
We have our thoughts; we’ll die  rather than feel


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