The wrong place

Kathyrn like a child

Without him.Did I do enough?

I walked into the little ward that he was in.The place was a rehabilitation centre for old people recovering from hip replacements.My husband was dying from severe heart failure. and severe leaking from a valve.I knew 3 or 4 days before that he was dying but the doctors somehow blocked it off and told me 6 months
Unfortunately, there was no doctor on the site at all.The first full  day he was there he became ill with what turned out to be pneumonia.They had to wait till 6.30 pm to ring the out of hours doctor service.They phoned me at 11 pm.
The doctor had just been, given him antibiotics.He had waited 12 hours for them
On Saturday he seemed very weak in the evening.He was trying to speak so I leaned right over him.
How will you manage, he whispered.That was about the last thing he said to me.
The next day he was sitting in a chair.His face was black.I went over and he fell onto me.I said
,Are you very depressed
.He nodded.He was dying with no trousers on in an open ward.
He ended up in A and E where he died .As he was not given a bed he does not count in their admissions data.I don’t mean to say that was the  real reason but after 19 hours on a trolley, one might have expected a bed to be available.Otherwise, all was excellent.To be honest I was not aware of it being A and E.
Be aware if someone wants to put your relative into  a place with no doctor.
Were they not kind letting him  use the gym free of charge to make sure he dies rapidly?


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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