Because I  feast  on algebraic texts

I voted for the one who cooked the best
My gut tells me how I  relax is wrong
Because I  ate the algebraic text

I voted for the one  whose muscles flexed
My mind became a spinning wheel of song
I voted for the one I loved the best

On weekends I  dictate to men, the loony pests!
As I type the book  where sums are wrong
I concede I  flunked the algebraic test.

I see the exit polls  all  have gone West
I knew my calculations were unsound
I voted for the numbers.  cleverest

I seem to have a mind which cannot rest
I  heat pyjamas just to get unwound
I concede I  bonked Al  when he  felt depressed
I am in doubt  while seeing flaming tongues
I tamed my  plastic tiger before long
I voted for the books I loved the best




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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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