Corbyn’s  very wise to make plum jam

So Corbyn’s not the fool who makes plum jam\
Reviled by all the media  up to now
Yet he’s hurt the Tories with his thoughtful  plans

Raised on protests over Vietnam
He did not  falter, hit by  multi-blows
Corbyn’s not a fool who makes plum jam\

His own party’s Elite were out for him
They sought again, again to make him go
He mocks the Tories with his clever plan.


Jack Horner, I recall, got out the entire plum
Will Labour’s  bosses wish for him to go?
Corbyn’s  very wise to make plum jam

As he washes out his  cast iron pan
He chuckles with delight which overflows
He mocked the Tories with astounding plans

Old man May puts out their wheelie bins
Theresa May  resign! Your dread won’t win
Corbyn meditates as he boils jam~
He’s  bonked the Tories with his iron pan


About Katherine

I like poetry, literature and music.And conversation
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2 Responses to Corbyn’s  very wise to make plum jam

  1. I love this Katherine….today gives me hope. Have a wonderful weekend…janet :)xxx

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