You  porcupine, he shouted out, I prefer a seal

My lover went to Lapland as he found  me rather warm
You  porcupine, he shouted out, I prefer a seal
Are you sure.I questioned him, for I did not wish him harm
I have to get away from you, I  prefer my conger eel.

He set off in his motor car, the ferry was quite late
He  was a little angry then but soon he became calm
He got talking to a mermaid and  now she is his mate
She lives deep in the icy sea and he loves her frigid arms

I don’t know how you would feel, if after twenty years
Of being called a porcupine, when swaddled iin his arms
Your lover went  to the North Pole, and left you only tears
At least I can enjoy my bed without  his wild alarms

The melody is not the words but how they are combined
I  have lost all faith in men , unless their names form rhymes
I  know we have got clocks today but meter bends the time.
As dancing bends the space around the movers  rapt, sublime



About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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