We, refugees, must come to love alone

Underneath the shallow pools lies sand
Where shells are  fractured by the ocean’s blows
We learn soon what  being alive demands

To bare feet on sunny days beckoned
The warm wet trickles in between the toes
Underneath the shallow pools lies sand

In whose sums is our living reckoned?
Calculation, not so bleak it shows
We learn by pain, true living makes demands

God allows the  abacus unchained
To sum us up as if we are unknown
Underneath the  pools,  are these his hands?

Who will be allowed and who detained?
We, refugees, must come to love alone
We try  to be alive, despite the pain

Our hearts are fragile shells, not heavy stones
We, soft flesh enraptured by framed bones.
Darkly on the  beach we humans stand
The fretting waves cry out with love’s demand






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  1. Bushka says:

    A touch of sadness…but very good. Hugs!


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