Go  brown, O loaf insane

  • 3267Been awful scary  in the night
  • Bees were forgiven by wasps
  • Be not a maid without a head
  • It’s still my soul what heals
  • Do Thou My Revision
  • Before the Sun Burned Bright
  • Blessed are aspirins
  • Testicles for women now
  • Obstacles  for the blessed detergents
  • I’m tickling  the free children.I’m a gnat
  • Why bees were right
  • Go  brown, O loaf insane
  • Come, wholesome toast
  • Come, hordes, and marry not
  • See my pay, my proof, my lies
  • Come, rejoice before your baker
  • Come,  those Holy Spirits, Come. I’ll have brandy, he wants rum
  • Come, come, come to the Mersey
  • Fall over Niagara

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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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