London suffers more catastrophe

London suffers  more catastrophe
As  screams awaken sleepers in this tower
A high rise block with only one exit
Oh, many now will take their mourning flowers.

Some  have made the SOS sign now
Seen by people standing in the street
The firefighters are not allowed  inside
So soon it will be death these people meet

Who designed these cheap and dangerous flats?
I can’t believe they had no fire exits
Was the Referendum a cheap vote?
Will we be asked to suffer through Brexit?

These cheap flats  brought death to many folk
To leave the EU  now seems but a jape.




About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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6 Responses to London suffers more catastrophe

  1. mikeoxon says:

    So very sad. Here are the fruits of austerity and cuts. Too many blind eyes turned. Yes, very sad but angry too. Very good poem.

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    • Kate4grace says:

      Thank you,Mike.I could not believe there is only one exit door …….and the woman who threw her baby out… where is she? Such cruelty.How will all the other people in similar blocks feel?


  2. What a mess we are in…..and those poor people in that block of flats….it’s beyond comprehension with all the bloody health and safely nonsense we have….and yet we see this. x Excellent poem


    • Kate4grace says:

      It almost seems like a curse.This is a very poor area and no doubt the planners don’t want to spend too much money, but having only one exit door seems unbelievable stupid.The people watching outside will be in agony waiting to see if their relatives have got out.


      • Yes, there will be a lot to answer for….The residents had raised alerts and concerns for a long time…’s a terrible situation. Janet

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      • Kate Thwaite says:

        Yes,indeed.I think when the death toll is finalised people will be enraged.But even one death is the loss of one’s person’s whole world.Boris Johnson shut 14 fire stations it seems.We showed we were fed up in the Election.Why do they take such risks to savea little money?


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