Stuck in rages since times past, we’re even more stuck now



1 Amazing Menace ,greet the hounds
2 Ave North Korea we’ll get you all kissed
3 Choose to run
4 Coldly Holy Holy
5 Rattle Don of the Corrupted
6 Be Thou My Derision I hate Queens of  the May
7  Stuck in Rages since times past
8 Awful Awful awesome
9  It’s  all hell  in My Soul
10All In The Guardian Today.Be a member today!
11 This little slight Of whines
12 Just a closer talk  militarily
13 Ally Loo Loo Chorus .Where is the bloody loo, anyway?
14 Nearer My God To Tea
15  Bless my Insurance
16 23rd Palm  Reading
17 The Old blogged and crashed
18 The Lord Is My Leopard
19 Deride with trees
20 She Who Would Transexual Be
21 To God Be The Story
22 What A Blend We Have In Jesus
23 Onward Christian torturers
24 We Call our wives and batter
25 Eternal Quantum, will you wave or be a particle for ever?

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