Chaos in North Kensington

henrydavidthoreau106041People have been calling to Theresa May to go.Demonstrations and anger after the lack of response to the terrible fire.I just hope other tower blocks are not as dangerous as that one which was full of poorer people and refugees living close to the wealthier folks so they put the cladding on to make it looks smarter.Appearances are all
That’s how our rulers see the poor /us.I agree that May is no leader.I think she ought to have resigned after the Election.She can’t do Brexit now!


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4 Responses to Chaos in North Kensington

  1. mikeoxon says:

    We lack leaders who are prepared to ACT I listened to Sajid Javid on the ‘Today’ programme hiding behind the need for ‘more information’ before doing anything. Why not an order to remove and replace all cladding of the type at Grenfell IMMEDIATELY? It might not be the whole story but it would show a level of concern that is, so far, woefully lacking.

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    • Kate Thwaite says:

      You are absolutely right.I agree entirely.BTW a public enquiry prevents an inquest according to a lawyer I saw on TV who was referring to a previous fire in a tower block/A public enquiey has no jury.
      They will make people have nervous breakdowns or go mad and riot unless they act quickly.TM is like a robot


  2. mikeoxon says:

    It’s time to point out to our ‘leaders’ that it’s not just the economy, stupid

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    • Kate Thwaite says:

      I am very puzzled that someone so inept,afraid and seemingly cold would wish to Lead our country.It feels to me as if JC is now our leader.I suppose they would say everything has a risk and it depends on how big that is.In one house, a fire is bad enough but in a high block, a much smaller event can be far worse.It is so pitiful to hear of people saying goodbye to their loved ones on their phones.I could see some waving shirts or towels through the window.Why are there no fire escapes?
      I just feel suspicious of this fire and I also know it is possible to have ethics without religion but hearing the parables read out brings virtue closer to us.Can we have parables of another sort?


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